December 2017


This week we released the V0.15.0 series of the Xenonauts free public builds, with several hotfixes for some urgent bugs also being rolled out. This build contains a single ground combat mission and is available free for anyone who wishes to download it via GOG Galaxy. 

We’ve actually been releasing builds for a long time, but only announcing them on our forums – a total of eight builds have been released but the changelogs were not crossposted from our forums to this blog. Ultimately this was my mistake, as I tend to forget about this blog given our forums are where most of the community interaction occurs. Sadly this means that many people who just glance at our website miss out on the news, so moving forward I will be making more of an effort to keep the blog updated. But if it looks alarmingly quiet on the blog here then remember to check our forums instead!

Anyway, here’s a quick summary of the changes in the V0.15x builds:

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