Completion Date & March Development Update

We have set a completion date for Xenonauts of May 30th 2014, at which point we are going to be locking down the game, sending out review copies and doing the final porting process. Release is likely to be a few weeks after this (giving us chance to do some PR work), but as of 30th May you will be able to play the finished final version of the game on Steam. Desura and Humble Store versions and the Mac / Linux ports will hopefully all have arrived within two weeks of that.

This gives us roughly two months to spend polishing / optimising the game and fixing bugs. We’ve set up a public work tracker where you can view our current work priorities, too:

V21 Stable is now available for all platforms via all our of distribution methods, and we’re currently up to V22 Experimental 1 on our Experimental branch with Experimental 2 due tomorrow (we’ll be releasing a new Experimental build at least weekly from now on). You can find the full list of changes that it includes on our forums here:

There’s not much more to say – the game’s in pretty good shape right now, but we’re aware there are still some issues remaining and we’re working hard to fix them. It’s been a long journey to get here, but it’ll all be over in about two months. Thanks for your patience!

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