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Xenonauts V1.0 Released (and development finished)!

We have now released Xenonauts V1.0 on the Steam Stable branch, which marks the end of formal development for Xenonauts. This is effectively the final version of the game, minus any stability patches that may be required. We will shortly be rolling it out to the Humble Store and Desura etc too.

Official release and leaving Early Access for the game is in about two weeks (tentatively pencilled in as 16th June), but the remaining time is mostly going to be spent on sending out review copies, the PR around the launch, porting to Mac / Linux and getting the Kickstarter rewards sorted out etc.

We will continue to work on fixing any crashes / hangs encountered in the game, and any non-crash bugs that render the game unplayable in other ways.

We’ve fixed all the worst issues that appeared over the past few days of community testing, but as the game is 10-15+ hours for a playthrough we’ve obviously not been able to fully test the game internally after the last bunch of fixes. So there may still be some issues in the game – but if so, they’ll be addressed in the next two weeks before the official release.

There have been a lot of changes made since the previous Stable version. The game has a much smoother difficulty curve, more information for new players, new line of sight mechanics, much improved AI and all sorts of finer polish.

The choice is therefore up to you whether you want to play the “final” version of the game now or whether you’d prefer to wait a couple of weeks to make sure any stability kinks have been ironed out. We’ll make more of a song and dance about the release when it comes to the 16th, but I thought it was best to explain this update and make it available to anyone who did not want to wait that long!

Thanks for your patience and support over the past five years of development, it’s been a long and difficult journey and I doubt we could have got so far without the all help from our community!

PS – if the update has broken your save games, you can access the legacy branch to continue your playthrough in the previous version. The instructions on how to do so can be found here.