Update #2 – Expanding the Community!

I  t has been roughly a month since we soft-launched our website, and a little less than four months since we first started quietly putting out our public builds. We’re now ready to start actively promoting the game and growing the community around the project!

To recap the essentials for the new arrivals:

  • If you are at all interested in Xenonauts-2, please sign up for our mailing list.
  • The current free build is an early version of a single combat mission; we’ll probably only start charging for the game when the Ground Combat and Geoscape are working and linked together.
  • You’ll need GOG Galaxy to play the free builds, as we’ll only be launching on Steam Early access when we enter the paid stages of development.
  • Full instructions on how to obtain the free builds can be found on our forums here.

We’re in a pretty good place right now – we’re making steady progress on the game and we’ve been able to polish the gameplay experience enough that it’s now possible to play the ground combat mission in the public demo and actually have fun. We’ve moved to a release schedule where a new build is released every second Tuesday (next one due 28th Feb) and we now want as many people to test and play the game as possible. There’s still plenty of rough edges and a whole load more content to add, but every update moves the project forwards.

The forums were essentially dead a few months ago, but they’re fairly lively these days and it already feels like a return to the latter stages of Xenonauts 1 development where the community were providing a huge number of suggestions and improvements and bug reports for us to work through. We’re gettingto the point where we’re going to start testing out new mechanics and thoughts, suggestions or feedback on them will be greatly appreciated.

What’s changed in the last month since our last update? You can read the changelog on our last major update here (0.3.0), but aside from a large number of small bugfixes and visual / usability updates we’ve also managed to finish up the biome-swapping tech for wilderness maps. Each map can now be reskinned at the click of a button, and you can see the results below (this is a single map being reskinned into all our biomes). Hope you like them!

Xenonauts-2 Polar Biome

Xenonauts-2 Boreal Biome

Xenonauts-2 Temperate Biome

Xenonauts-2 Tropical Biome

Xenonauts-2 Arid Biome

Xenonauts-2 Desert Biome

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