Xenonauts-2 V0.0.7 Released!

This week we released V0.7 of the Xenonauts free public builds, with an additional hotfix for some urgent bugs arriving today. This build contains a single ground combat mission and is available free for anyone who wishes to download it via GOG Galaxy. 

Here’s a quick summary of the changes in the two builds:

  • We’ve reworked the way mouse clicks are handled to make unit selection easier, and also to improve the way soldiers move in enclosed spaces and interact with doors.
  • The Reaper alien from X1 is now in the game, although it does not yet have specialist AI or the ability to zombify your troops (give us a few more builds to get that working).
  • Units can now suffer bleeding wounds when taking damage in combat.
  • The stun system is now functional, so units can be knocked out rather than killed in combat.
  • Added a bunch of new “secondary” weapons to the game – the Medipack, the Stun Baton, and the entirely new MP5 submachinegun. Press “X” to access the soldier’s secondary weapons.
  • Fog of War is now hidden by default, but can be shown by pressing “V” (alternatively there’s a UI button to revert to Fog of War being shown by default).
  • Soldiers now aim where the bullet they are firing goes.

Instructions on how to get the builds can be obtained here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13499-xenonauts-2-free-public-builds/

If you’re interested in the full changelogs, they can be found here:

We’ve made pretty good progress over the past couple of weeks despite the coding team being depleted by paternity leave, university dissertations and work on the strategy layer. We’re expecting to have another good sized update for the next build that is due out on 25th April (assuming no unforeseen circumstances arise), including a bunch of new UFOs and maps for you guys to play through.

Please give the game a test and leave any comments you may have on our forums – all feedback is useful at this point in development!

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