Xenonauts-2 May Update & Kickstarter Plans!

We are rapidly approaching the point where Xenonauts-2 is complete enough to put on sale – and the first step towards this will be our Kickstarter, planned for the next few weeks! This update will explain what our Kickstarter / Early Access plans are, and also give you some information on what we’ve been working on in the background over the past couple of months. If you’re at all interested in hearing about our Kickstarter, please sign up for our mailing list as we’ll be sending out an notification when it launches!

A few other major points of interest to discuss:

  • We recently released what may be our final free public build of Xenonauts-2, the build we are hopefully going to use as our combat demo for our Kickstarter. If you want to give it a try, you can find more information here.
  • We also posted up a load of information on the changes and new mechanics we plan to include in the post-Kickstarter closed beta – although this is subject to change once people start playing the game and giving us feedback!

So, our Kickstarter – we’ve been talking about this for years as a distant goal, but it’s now something we’re actively working on. The text on the Kickstarter page is written and being edited, we’re shooting video, and we’re pulling together all the various art assets / gameplay footage required to make a professional-looking Kickstarter. I remember this being FAR more work than I expected it to be when we did the Kickstarter for the first Xenonauts way back in 2012, and if anything putting together a Kickstarter takes even more effort these days … but the worst of the work is behind us now. We don’t know exactly what date the Kickstarter will be launching yet (as there’s several key things we’re still working on and can’t launch until they’re all completed) but we will be sending out updates to our mailing list once we have a date set!

Preparing for the Kickstarter and polishing the free ground combat build up so it plays in a fairly solid manner has been rather time-consuming, but we’ve also been working hard to prepare for what comes after the Kickstarter – our closed beta, followed by our Early Access launch. This will be the first time that the “full” game (with both the strategy and ground combat layers) will be made available, so we’ve been busy working on the basic campaign balance and experience. Although the game is still lacking a lot of content and is rather rough in a number of places, it *is* now playable. In a month or two it’ll be ready to put into the hands of backers, at which point it will quickly start improving – just like the ground combat builds did once we released those to the public!

Right now we’re working on adding various kinds of new content to the game – new weapons / armour / aliens that require unique code, adding in the art assets for the crashed / landed UFOs in a way that supports destruction, adding new types of research and base structure, etc. Much of this is still in its first iteration and will no doubt be changed and improved as development continues, but it allows us to expose all the small problems and missing features that we need to address in order make these things work – e.g. we discovered yesterday that we’ve got no way to set non-standard movement sounds for units, so the alien gun drones are currently making footstep noises as they fly around the battlefield. Almost everything we add seems to have some kind of new unique property that we need to add / fix up, but we’re slowly working through it all.

Lots of work left to do but development is entering a pretty exciting phase. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you guys when our Kickstarter launches!

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