Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter: 72 hours left to go!

The Kickstarter for Xenonauts-2 has been a HUGE success: we were 100% funded in just 8 hours and now well over 300% funded, and the 5,600 backers of our campaign have unlocked a number of stretch goals that will improve the final game for everyone. Everyone here at Goldhawk wants to say a massive thanks to the community for all the support you’ve given us so far!

potraits_black72 Hours Left

With 72 hours left to run on the Kickstarter, there’s still time to jump aboard and grab some of the exclusive Kickstarter rewards if you’ve not yet pledged.

Access to the closed beta due in approximately three months is only available via Kickstarter, and over 1,700 people have pledged the £35 minimum to put a custom soldier in the game with their a custom name, nationality and a unique portrait from our Portrait Editor!
The next stretch goal we’re chasing is Additional Community Edition / Modding Support, which is something I know a lot of you feel strongly about. The £200,000 target is definitely within reach if we have a strong final couple of days, so hopefully Xenonauts-2 will end up with an even wider variety of great mods than the first game does!

As our top tiers with the hand-painted backer portraits sold out almost immediately after the Kickstarter launched, we will be adding an additional two £500 rewards and ten £200 rewards with 48 hours left to go, at 14:00 UTC tomorrow (Wednesday). If you’re interested in having a portrait of you painted by our artist, make sure you’re ready for that!


Stretch Goals Achieved!

Thanks to the generosity of our backers, we’ve already hit the following four stretch goals:

  • Modular Weapons & Armour
  • Geoscape Situations
  • Locational Injuries
  • MARS Weapon Platform & Sentry Guns

These are all significant additions to the game that everyone will be able to enjoy in the base version of Xenonauts-2. The MARS / Sentry Guns are single-tile combat vehicles that can support the player in ground battles, whereas the Geoscape Situations are periodic events designed to present the player with interesting choices on the strategy layer.

Locational injuries mean your soldiers (and hopefully aliens) may suffer injuries to various parts of their bodies in when they take damage in combat, decreasing their effectiveness at certain actions – e.g. leg wounds may increase the TU cost to move, arm wounds may reduce shooting accuracy, etc.

However, the biggest change is likely to be Modular Weapons, as many players have been requesting detailed weapon customisation options for a long time (e.g. customising scopes, etc). Our plan is to set up these weapon attachments so the default settings for weapons are perfectly viable and people don’t need to tweak their weapons if they don’t want to – but those that do can fiddle to their heart’s content!

Project Timelines!

With the Kickstarter drawing to a close, we’re starting to firm up our plans for the rest of development. Our current plan is to launch the Kickstarter-exclusive closed beta on Steam and GOG in approximately three months (October), and run that for two or three months.

Given the festive holidays fall in that period, we’re therefore likely to see a January launch into Early Access on Steam / GOG. This will be when the game goes on general sale to non-Kickstarter backers. After that, we’ll just be adding more new content and polish until we feel the game is ready to leave Early Access!

Thanks again for all the support during our Kickstarter; let’s hope we have a strong final 72 hours!

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