Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Launch!

Today marks a big milestone for Xenonauts 2 – we are starting our Closed Beta period and allowing people to play the strategy layer for the first time!

If you’ve backed this Kickstarter at £25 or above, you should receive a Steam or GOG key from our partners at Humble today at around 11AM Pacific time. If you are not a £25+ Kickstarter backer, unfortunately you’re going to need to wait until our Early Access launch in March 2019 to buy the game. We’d love to sell access to the beta, but sadly Steam / GOG tend to take a dim view of people selling private beta keys!

As I mentioned above, Beta Build V1 is primarily designed to test the core gameplay systems. We’ve stripped back the content and several of the new features to produce something very similar to the opening days of the first Xenonauts – the intention there being that most of you should be able to clearly see if something is broken or not!

These limitations include:

  • You can only play for 7 days on the Geoscape, facing three waves of two UFOs each
  • The research / engineering projects are dummies, so there’s no lore in this build
  • There are two UFO types in the game (both create crash sites though)
  • The Psyons are the only alien race
  • There’s one map per biome per UFO, for a total of 12 maps

We’ll be extending the playable time and adding the content back into the game in future builds. It’s important we know the core game systems are solid before we start making the game too playable – it’s annoying if a bug ruins your game after 10 minutes, but it’ll be a lot worse if you’ve been playing for hours!

We’ve written a longer post on our forums that explains the sort of things we’re particularly looking to test, but the short version is just “try your best to break the build”. The best place to report bugs is in that thread on our forums, but you can also send us bug reports using the Bug Reporter in the game using F11.

Please be aware that there’s a lot of re-used art in the game from the first Xenonauts, and you should assume that this is placeholder and will be replaced before the game ships. We’ve also not had any time to work on the game balance or improve the AI, so give us a few builds before commenting on that sort of stuff. The same goes for the new mechanics like the Air Combat or the new Base system that are still half-finished; we’ll be asking your opinions about those once we’ve had a chance to finish them off.

Having spent quite a bit of time testing the game over the past few days, I’m fairly pleased with the progress we’ve made over the past six weeks. Despite the obvious rough edges and missing features, most things (mostly) work and it’s already kinda fun to clear a map and storm a UFO. But yeah, still lots of work to do!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll be hearing thoughts from some of you soon!

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