Pre-Orders Available & Closed Beta V4 Launched!

Our original plan when launching the closed beta of Xenonauts-2 was to have an Early Access launch at the end of March, but unfortunately we felt the game was not ready to go on general sale on Steam and GOG.

We instead decided to delay the launch until the game is ready, which we are estimating to be roughly three months (taking us to late June) – but this deadline may slip further. As negative Steam reviews from Early Access stay with a product for its entire lifetime, we’re strongly incentivised to only launch into Early Access when the game is fully playable and stable!

As a result, the Closed Beta of the game has been extended, and all Kickstarter backers have been given access to the Closed Beta as a result. For those that missed the Kickstarter, we’ve set up pre-orders for the game via Xsolla, which will give you access to the Closed Beta via Xsolla until the Early Access launch and then convert into either a Steam or GOG key. However, be aware that the game is not yet particularly playable yet (hence the Early Access delay) so if you’re after a tactical experience you should probably hold off until the Early Access launch!

Thankfully, we are continuing to make good progress on the game. Yesterday we released Closed Beta Build V4, which contains the skeleton of the research tree and now allows a player to play through the campaign and encounter 8 different types of UFOs and unlock several tiers of equipment for their soldiers and aircraft. The experience is still rough but almost all the fundamental systems that support the gameplay loop are now properly working together, which is a big milestone for the project.

We have a few “core” features that have to be implemented before Early Access (e.g. the ground combat saving / loading and another pass on the air combat), but after they are complete we plan to set aside a month or two of development time before the Early Access launch where we work with the community to identify the most annoying bugs / usability issues / missing content and fix them up.

We think the game will come together quite quickly once we reach this point – each beta build is more stable than the last, the updated artwork / new content is starting to arrive, and we have the tools we need to quickly update the game balance. Thanks for sticking with us during our long development cycle, hopefully you’ll see the rewards of your patience soon!

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