Xenonauts 2 – Early Access and Public Beta Announcement

Based on community feedback as well as our own schedule, we’ve decided to push the Early Access release of Xenonauts-2 back a few months.  We know this will be a disappointment to those of you who have been waiting a long time for this, and we apologise again for the delays.  

However, we have managed to secure additional development funding and this gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of when we launch.  Ultimately, this is the best decision for the game and one which will enable us to come into Early Access with something much more polished and complete.

But what if you want to play the game right now?  Well, here’s some good news…

Steam Festival Demo

If you don’t already own the game on Steam, you can play the demo which is part of the Steam Festival right now.  Just go here, hit the “DOWNLOAD DEMO” button on the right-hand side and get going with a single level of tactical combat.

As many of you are backers, you will own the game on Steam and thus not be able to access the demo, but please feel free to show it to friends.

Open Beta

In lieu of the Early Access release, we have decided to start a public beta for the game in March using the new Steam Playtest function.  This beta will be entirely free and will be open to everybody eventually, but will be deactivated once the game launches into Early Access.  It’ll contain a significant amount of the content that we were originally planning to launch with, so you won’t be missing out on anything if you give it a try.

We might let a small cohort into the beta initially to get testing started, but the aim is to make this open to everyone until the Early Access version is ready.

This will enable us to get a much wider spread of feedback, helping us to tune the game ready for its fuller release.  You, our community, have been a massive help in this regard already, so we have high hopes for this process going forward.

UI / UX Feedback

If you, or your friends, are playing the demo or current backer builds then we would love some feedback on the game’s UI and UX.   If you’d like to help, then here are the ways that you can do that:

Thank you!

Thanks once again for bearing with us.  This has been a long and difficult project but we feel strongly that momentum is building – now we have the time to continue polishing, rooting out issues and making the game as good as it can be.

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