Xenonauts 2 – April Update

Welcome to this month’s update!

As we mentioned last time, Project Lead Chris took some personal leave recently – he’s now back to full-time work.  While progress has understandably been a little slower due to this, the team have used the opportunity to focus on some important back-end tasks.

Base Separation

The first of these is the final part of the change from a single-base Geoscape to a multi-base Geoscape, which is the final separation of the base stores so that each base is pulling from its own inventory just like in the first game (previously items, soldier equipment, etc were shared globally across all bases). This is now done and bases have been fully separated from one another – it’s quite a significant change and it’s almost certainly caused quite a few bugs which we’ll need to catch.

Nested Tooltips

The second thing was adding “nested tooltips” that contain hyperlinks to other tooltips, similar to those seen in Crusader Kings 3. It’s a little tricky to explain but you can see a quick example of it in action in CK3 here.  This system allows us to prioritise helpful information given to the player while also providing links that lead to more detailed explanations.

Each tooltip ends up being shorter and more focused, but more overall information is available than before.

Localisation Support

The third major thing is setting the game up to support translation. This is actually a very big task, but we figured we’d tackle it now given we’re going to have to write a lot of text into the tooltips. Essentially we have to find every piece of text in the game that is displayed to the player and reference it into a single giant file that can then be translated into other languages. This system is made more complex because this system also needs to combine with our planned modding system, so that new text added in mods could also be translated if needed.

Art Progress

In terms of art, we’ve started work on the final set of Xenonaut 3D models and we’ve been working on an updated design for the alien Gun Drone. We’ve also been working on the final designs for the two advanced dropships (up to this point we’ve just been using the old X1 designs as placeholders). There’s also been some work done on the 2D art for the aircraft weapons and equipment, and further work on the new strategy UI concepts we’ve been working on for a while now.

Future Releases

We should be able to start putting public builds out again in May – we hope to get the entire schedule back on track soon and, as ever, thanks for your patience and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Many thanks for reading and for staying up-to-date with our work – as ever please do join us on Discord, the forums or the Steam community if you have any questions.

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