Xenonauts 2 – March Update

Greetings everyone – we’ll start this update by addressing the delay to the Open Beta.

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Xenonauts 2 – February Update

As we gear up to release version 18 of the closed beta next week, we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been working on for that.  This month we’ve been focussing on your feedback from the Steam Demo, so let’s dive into that a bit…

The reaction to the demo was generally good, but we also saw a lot of people who bounced off the game because they just didn’t understand what was going on and how the controls worked. Reading the feedback from players and seeing what streamers struggled with when they played the game gave us a good opportunity to try and improve the controls and accessibility, as a lot of the pre-release feedback we get tends to be from experienced X-Com / Xenonauts players who already know how things work…

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Xenonauts 2 – Early Access and Public Beta Announcement

Based on community feedback as well as our own schedule, we’ve decided to push the Early Access release of Xenonauts-2 back a few months.  We know this will be a disappointment to those of you who have been waiting a long time for this, and we apologise again for the delays.  

However, we have managed to secure additional development funding and this gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of when we launch.  Ultimately, this is the best decision for the game and one which will enable us to come into Early Access with something much more polished and complete.

But what if you want to play the game right now?  Well, here’s some good news…

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