Xenonauts-2 November Update

As we enter November Xenonauts-2 is progressing well, but before I talk any more about our progress I want to apologise for the lack of updates. I’ll make an effort to do better in future, but if you haven’t seen an update for a while you can always check our latest build releases here or check to see if we’ve posted recent updates on our Kickstarter page or on our forums.

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Xenonauts-2 June Update!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Goldhawk HQ, and we’re happy to announce that last month saw the release of Closed Beta V5 and the subsequent V5.1 Hotfix patch. This build contained several major new features including the new tactical combat UI and saving / loading, plus a whole lot of fixes for issues that were previously affecting the gameplay experience.

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Pre-Orders Available & Closed Beta V4 Launched!

Our original plan when launching the closed beta of Xenonauts-2 was to have an Early Access launch at the end of March, but unfortunately we felt the game was not ready to go on general sale on Steam and GOG.

We instead decided to delay the launch until the game is ready, which we are estimating to be roughly three months (taking us to late June) – but this deadline may slip further. As negative Steam reviews from Early Access stay with a product for its entire lifetime, we’re strongly incentivised to only launch into Early Access when the game is fully playable and stable!

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