Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter: 72 hours left to go!

The Kickstarter for Xenonauts-2 has been a HUGE success: we were 100% funded in just 8 hours and now well over 300% funded, and the 5,600 backers of our campaign have unlocked a number of stretch goals that will improve the final game for everyone. Everyone here at Goldhawk wants to say a massive thanks to the community for all the support you’ve given us so far!

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Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Launched!

The long-awaited Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter is now live and will be running until the 20th July! You can click here to check out the Kickstarter page and download the free alpha combat demo (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69341191/xenonauts-2-strategic-planetary-defence-simulator/).

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Xenonauts-2 May Update & Kickstarter Plans!

We are rapidly approaching the point where Xenonauts-2 is complete enough to put on sale – and the first step towards this will be our Kickstarter, planned for the next few weeks! This update will explain what our Kickstarter / Early Access plans are, and also give you some information on what we’ve been working on in the background over the past couple of months. If you’re at all interested in hearing about our Kickstarter, please sign up for our mailing list as we’ll be sending out an notification when it launches!

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